CBD, an original liquid for electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette

CBD is a molecule with a mild relaxing effect and can be an aid in smoking or nicotine withdrawal. Often mistakenly confused with THC, CBD is not a psychotropic drug and has no euphoric effect.

Low CBD dosages

Dosages generally less than 100mg (or 10 mg/ml). This way, you can steam on more or less long one-off sessions. Their effects are discreet.

Intermediate CBD dosages

Dosages around 300mg (or 30mg/ml) for occasional use. In this case, a ten-minute session is enough to notice the effects on the smoker.

High CBD dosages

Dosages around 500mg (or 50mg/ml). They're only to be used for one-off sessions. Their effects are very marked and we must be vigilant.

Very high CBD dosages

Dosages that exceed 600mg and should be diluted with a base. The CBD boosters must be absolutely diluted to create liquid for electronic cigarette.

The best e-liquids at the CBD

The best e-liquids at the CBD
The best e-liquids at the CBD
The best e-liquids at the CBD

Electronic cigarette liquids at the CBD, what is it?

Its molecular configuration is very close to that of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but unlike the latter, CBD has no psychotropic effects unlike psychoactive THC. CBD e-liquid is a fluid for vaporizing using electronic vaporizer, e-cigarettes or a vape pen.

When you want to start taking CBD it is essential above all to choose your mode of consumption, taking into account the reason why you want to take CBD; indeed, a person who wants to include CBD in his daily beauty routine may choose creams or balms for the body, while a person who is a fan of food supplements and preferring a more global method of action may turn to CBD oil or capsules.

Electronic cigarette liquids at the CBD

The effects of the CBD e-liquid

The main effect is the increase of anandamide, a molecule that makes you feel more relaxed. CBD also has an anxiolytic effect against stress and anxiety and an antipsychotic effect that helps in the treatment of schizophrenia. It relieves nausea, migraines, inflammations and helps against insomnia. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic. More details are available on CBD SAVEURS.

The effects of the CBD e-liquid

CBD : a new way to stop smoking ?

The CBD could be an alternative way to quit smoking. Indeed, cannabinoid contains a nicotine palliative against smoking cessation. Hemp and Cannabis, indeed produce cannabidiol, a substance that prevents the need to smoke a cigarette while having access to an eco e-cig! The use of CBD does not have the harms of other traditional anti-smoking methods. Cannabinoid plus CBD will tell you more on the subject.