Electronic cigarette

Where to find the best electronic cigarettes?

Do you start with the electronic cigarette and are you looking for the best? Your reflex is quite normal. To help you in your choice, here are three (03) criteria to consider, which are: the power of your disposable electronic…

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Electronic cigarettes: how to make your own eliquid?

DIY or Do It Yourself is an excellent way to be amply satisfied with the vaporizer. As we know, the electronic cigarette is much less harmful than the traditional cigarette. On the other hand, they do not have the same…

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How to choose your first electronic cigarette?

In general, electronic cigarettes are less dangerous than traditional cigarettes. The advantage of the e-cigarette lies in the fact that it reduces tobacco consumption. But, a beginner vaporizer must take into account a few criteria to choose his first electronic…

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Electronic cigarette: What is its composition?

The electronic cigarette (or e cigarette) is a very fashionable accessory at the moment. Even if this gadget is mainly intended for people who want to stop smoking, this does not prevent the electronic vaporizer to seduce many people. But…

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