Do you start with the electronic cigarette and are you looking for the best? Your reflex is quite normal. To help you in your choice, here are three (03) criteria to consider, which are: the power of your disposable electronic cigarette, the clearomizer and battery life. The point on the subject!

Find the power that suits you

Know, first of all, that if you’re looking to find the best universal electronic cigarette, it does not exist. Indeed, each vaporizer its aesthetic tastes, feelings and different expectations. The best disposable electronic cigarette is therefore the model that will get you off the tobacco. And the one that is efficient for a vaporizer is not necessarily efficient for another. However, with basic criteria, you can find the best rechargeable electronic cigarette for you. So start to discern the power that is right for you, for the success of your smoking cessation. For this, do not choose an e-cig too powerful. And if you choose a kit that includes a clearomizer and a box mod with changing power, turn to a box that has a maximum power between 30 and 40 W, this is more than enough for a beginner.

Opt for a suitable clearomizer

When choosing your online electronic cigarette, also take into account the clearomizer. This is the upper part of the e-cig. It consists of a mouthpiece called the “drip tip”, a resistor and the reservoir. For its selection, it is advisable to choose the one with resistors greater than 1 ohm and a tight draft. Because of these high resistances in ohm, you will be able to adopt the inhalation in an indirect way. It is an inhalation in two stages (in the mouth and then in the lungs), similar to the one you practice with the traditional cigarette. After taking into account the clearomizer, see also the battery life.

Battery life

Also choose a disposable electronic cigarette whose battery has a good autonomy. The battery is counted in milliamps/hour (mAh). So that you can better understand, a beginner in vaporization is quiet for a whole day, from 1500 mAh. With this, he will already have a battery that will not abandon him. Moreover, in addition to choosing a battery ego with good autonomy, make sure that your e-cig is equipped with the passthroug function. With the latter, you will be able to vaporize while recharging your device with a micro USB cable. If your vaporization equipment does not have it, it is advisable to buy a second battery to avoid falling flat and therefore want to smoke again. Thus, electronic cigarettes and cigarette cases, you can find them for sale online, but the most important thing is to know how to choose the equipment that suits you, knowing that there is no better universal electronic cigarette. It all depends on the taste and expectations of each vaporizer. Regarding the prices of electronic cigarettes, these may vary from one e-shop to another and depending on many criteria. What is certain is that in the long term, the prices of e-cigs are really lower than those of tobacco.