The electronic cigarette (or e cigarette) is a very fashionable accessory at the moment. Even if this gadget is mainly intended for people who want to stop smoking, this does not prevent the electronic vaporizer to seduce many people. But what are the elements that make up an electronic cigarette, and how does it work?

The components of an electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette is generally made up of two distinct parts: the battery and the clearomizer.

The battery compartment is the largest part of the device. Not only does almost all the weight of the object rest on it, but it also takes up three-quarters of the total length of the cigarette. The main function of the battery is to cover the energy needs of the device. The larger it is, and more your e-cigarette will have a long autonomy. And the more powerful it is, the more steam you will have when you inhale. The price of an e-cigarette depends largely on the performance of its battery.

As for the clearomizer, it consists of a reservoir for eliquid, one or more resistors and a suction spout. When you suck on the nozzle, the resistor starts to heat up and the liquid ends up vaporizing. Although the amount of steam produced depends mainly on the battery power, the resistor also has its role to play. On some electronic cigarette models, the clearomizer is removable and replaceable. When you buy this model of e-cigarette, and you want to change the clearomizer, make sure that the value of the resistance is compatible with the power of the battery.

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The e-liquids

To enjoy the joys of vaporization with your e-cigarette, you will need to buy an e-liquid or liquid for electronic cigarette. When you buy an electronic cigarette kit, the seller also provides you with the liquid to put in the clearomizer. This is the product that will be heated by the resistance and will become steam.

The advantage with the electronic cigarette is that you have an infinite number of flavors at your disposal. Unlike a cigarette rod, you can easily change the smell you inhale. All you have to do is change the e-liquid in the tank.

Liquids for electronic cigarette are usually sold in small bottles. To get some, you can go to a specialty shop or make a purchase online. With all flavors of e-liquid available on the market, you will have a wide choice.

The different types of electronic cigarettes

It is possible to distinguish three major families of electronic cigarette: the Pod, the cigarette tube and the cigarette box.

The Pod is the newer model of electronic cigarette. In general, it is small in size and very compact. On the other hand, its battery has a very low power and you can not get much steam on this model of electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette tube has a more powerful battery that guarantees you not only more power, but also more autonomy. Its name comes from its tubular shape. The electronic cigarette tube is easily stored in your pocket. So you can easily take it with you.

The electronic cigarette box is a gadget that takes up much more space than the two models mentioned above. This is due to its very large battery which gives it a lot of power. If you want to feel the effects of steam intensely, this model is the most suitable.

Currently, it is possible to find single-use electronic cigarettes. When all the liquid in the reservoir is exhausted, you only have to throw away the cigarette, as it cannot be recharged.