In general, electronic cigarettes are less dangerous than traditional cigarettes. The advantage of the e-cigarette lies in the fact that it reduces tobacco consumption. But, a beginner vaporizer must take into account a few criteria to choose his first electronic cigarette.

The different types of electronic cigarette

It is also important to consider the different types of e-cigarettes available on the market. For expert vaporizers, he can choose the electronic cigarette box. It is also interesting to opt for the electronic cigarette pod. This type of e-cigarette does not have a clearomizer. But it includes a pod with a resistance. The e-cigarette pod can also adapt to the needs of beginners vaporizers. In addition, the buyer can choose the electronic cigarette tube. This is the classic model. The special feature of this e-cigarette is that it has a tubular format. In general, it is intended for beginners vaporizers. Click here to learn more.

Criteria to consider when choosing a first electronic cigarette

It is not easy to choose a better e-cigarette adapted to the needs. There are a few important criteria to consider. First, the buyer must take into account the composition of the e-liquid. This allows him to choose the appropriate nicotine rate. Also, he needs to take into account his habits. Thereafter, the battery is an important criterion. The autonomy and power of the electronic cigarette depends on this element. The clearomizer is also an element not to be neglected. It consists of a tank and a resistance. Sometimes it determines the lightness and size of the device, its capacity and the power of the resistor. You can consult the comparison of electronic cigarettes to find the appropriate model.

Tips for choosing the battery and the atomizer of his first e-cigarette

To start spraying, it is important to choose the right atomizer. This is a device designed to atomize the e-liquid. It is used to contain the latter. All electronic cigarettes have this important element. An atomizer includes

a tank to hold the e-liquid. This is made of glass or plastic. It also has a resistance. This element makes it possible to heat the e-liquid to resolve it into steam. Then, it is important to consider the capacity of the tank and the quality of the resistor. The length of the drip tip is also to be considered. This can influence the perceived heat of the steam. The price of an electronic cigarette varies according to the quality of its components.

The electronic cigarette includes a battery used to generate electricity to power the resistor to vaporize the eliquid. Autonomy is a criterion to consider when choosing a better battery. Sometimes it is not easy to estimate the autonomy of a battery. It is based on the resistance of the atomizer, its capacity, the voltage delivered, the duration of aspirations, frequency of use. It is possible to choose between a variable voltage battery and a battery with regulated voltage. Its size is also a criterion to consider. Sometimes the size can vary depending on the battery’s autonomy. A powerful battery is usually very large. The size of the battery must also be chosen. The vaporizer can choose between a box-shaped battery and a cylindrical battery. The cylindrical battery is easy to use. The cylindrical battery is often sealed. It does not allow the battery to be replaced. The box-shaped battery is rectangular or square in shape. It can be equipped with setting buttons and LCD or OLED display.