Therapeutic cannabis or cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical element derived from the hemp plant. It makes up most of the cannabis plant. Contrary to popular belief, CBD does not hallucinate the user because it is different from tetrahydrocannabinol. Its advantage lies in the fact that it has no side effects on the body.

What are the products based on therapeutic cannabis

Currently, whether in France or elsewhere, CBD can be found in several products: food supplements, medicines, cosmetics, etc. As a result, you can already order e-liquids from CBD easily. Click here for more information on therapeutic cannabis products.  Depending on the brand, the cigarette liquid may contain more or less CBD in a bottle. Products based on cbd flowers can also be used to measure out a little bit of the e-liquid in case it doesn’t contain any CBD. Special attention must be paid to the bottle of liquid with low CBD since the diluted oil can be similar to the liquid reserved for the electronic cigarette. The best is to approach a professional if you are a novice in the field. Unlike the e-liquid, CBD oil is mainly for oral use. Offered in the form of capsules or capsules in the majority of cases, the content is the same as the oils sold in bottles. The quality varies according to the brand and the extraction method used by the industry that produces it. Indeed, the dose of CBD should not exceed 10% in each product.

Accessing Pure Cannabidiol

Apart from industrial products, cannabidiol in almost pure form is already on the market. For example, tea infusions made from CBD flowers are sold by pharmacies. Of course, other herbs are mixed into the tea in question in order to reduce the odour without reducing its effect. Since no combustion takes place, the effect of cannabidiol in the tea will not be the same as the effect of cannabidiol in oil or e-liquid. The advantage lies only in the fact that CBD tea mixes well with milk, butter and other fats. Like any type of resin, cannabidiol is not easy to extract. Its price on the market is therefore determined by the manner in which it is extracted. Laboratory technicians use solvents to remove other elements from the hemp, leaving only the CBD resin. However, this method is not the safest either for the person extracting it because of the chemicals or for the person consuming it if residues are contaminated by the remaining chemicals. In any case, this type of system cannot be used by companies in France. In general, companies specialising in CBD opt for extraction with olive or coconut oil for less risk and optimum results.

How to obtain CBD products easily

Because of the law, which is very strict in this area, it is not easy to market cannabidiol products. As a result, its price is higher or lower compared to a product in the same line without CBD. In France, there are ways to get some anyway. Several official resellers already exist and provide e-liquid, tea, flowers and others by presenting an ID. They are strict about this condition as the French government monitors their actions. More or less illegal companies hiding behind the sale of other products also supply CDB. They are not subject to controls and therefore the CBD in question may not be pure, but accompanied by remnants of THC. Another easier way is the Internet. Specialist shops in France or elsewhere can deliver your cbd flower oil to your home. On the Internet, the CBD is more accessible, since in the case of Canada, for example, the production, sale and purchase of these products are more free. Of course, these retailers offer deliveries in France and elsewhere.