Making your own e-liquid has become a common practice nowadays. Indeed, because of the lack of transparency in the composition of some e-liquids and also the desire to achieve a unique taste, the vaporizer prefers to make his own e-liquid. Moreover, thanks to the various components of an e-liquid that exist on the market, such as bases, aromas or flavour liquid, it is possible to concoct an e-liquid diy that corresponds to one’s needs.

What is the e-liquid diy?

The e-liquid DIY is an alternative mode of consumption that consists in designing your own e-liquid. Therefore, making your e-liquid allows you to choose its base, its liquid flavor, its nicotine rate and to dose the flavors. With the e-liquid diy, the user of the electronic cigarette will have the opportunity to invent and try new flavors. The principle of the DIY is simple, just add drops of concentrated flavors in a neutral base, then allow time for the aromas to express themselves for about 48 hours and that’s it.  To prepare your e-liquid diy well and succeed in its composition, it is advisable to use appropriate accessories. Among these useful materials are graduated test tubes, for precise preparation, syringes, to transfer the ingredients, PET bottles, to store the e-liquid, and latex or vinyl gloves, for protection.

Why make your e-liquid?

Making your own e-liquid offers multiple advantages. First of all, it allows you to save a lot of money. In fact, making your own e-liquid is more economical than ready-to-use e-liquid refills. If the e-liquid of 10 ml on the market costs 5.90 €, the cost is cheaper for e-liquid diy, with only about 0.80 €. Compared to the purchase of a ready-to-use e-liquid, home-made e-liquid is therefore more profitable. Secondly, although the quality of an e-liquid depends on the ingredients that make it up, most of the time the non-transparency of the composition pushes the vaporizer to make its e-liquid. By making its own e-liquid, the latter can then make infinite combinations in terms of composition. Thanks to the various choices of flavors or flavor liquids and bases on the market, it is possible for the vaporizer to customize its e-liquid according to its needs. Finally, with the home-made e-liquid, the e-cigarette user will not only be able to create recipes with nicotine dosages adapted to his taste, but he will also be able to design his own base composed of propylene glycol or a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Flavours or liquid flavour play an important role in the manufacture of an e-liquid. These will give the taste to the base. They come in different colours and have multiple and varied tastes. And the user will be able to mix them as he wishes to obtain the recipes corresponding to his taste.

Tips for the preparation of e-liquid DIY for an expert

Here are a few tips that may be useful in preparing your own e-liquid. For the ingredients, you will need a neutral base: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Just note that the e-liquid that contains a high proportion of propylene glycol will give you a stronger feeling. Then it’s up to you. Regarding the aromas, avoid at all costs those that are food. They are not good for inhalation. Favour those that will give taste to the vapour, namely: classic, fruity or gourmet aromas. Regarding the dosage of nicotine, try anyway to gradually decrease the intake of this substance until it disappears completely in the recipe because the goal here is to make an e-liquid that contains less and less nicotine to be able to do without it completely. To make your e-liquid, you must first prepare the neutral base in a graduated test tube and then introduce it into a vial using a syringe. Then add the liquid additives (alcohol, water, thinner, nicotine) and the flavour(s). It should be noted that the dosages change from one flavour to another. Finally, close the bottle and shake it for one minute before letting it rest for 48 hours.